Blockalicious is creating an advanced hybrid development platform called  RockSolid  using cutting-edge technology to deliver against the Blocklicious vision:

Blockchain distributed-ledger store

Tokenization of value via crypto-currency

Data-driven artificial intelligence

Gamification of consumer interactions

Interactions facilitated by dApps

Hybrid trustless yet permissioned environment

On top of  RockSolid   ride1stPerson.

1stPerson is flipping the script when it comes to marketing, putting consumers in control of the marketing relationship instead of companies, and revolutionizing the worlds of marketing and personal information in the process.

Welcome to the consumer opportunity ecosystem, a world of consumer-initiated, consent-based marketing.  Welcome to 1stPerson.



This is just a whiff of what’s cooking in the  Blockalicious,   kitchen.  Feel free to ping us using our contact form and we will keep you posted on all things Blocklicious.