Creating Assets From Thin Air Using eNFTs

Our proprietary eNFTs™ unlock value currently hiding in plain sight.

The result?
New markets, extraordinary efficiency and a fundamental shift in how businesses and consumers engage & interact.
RockSolid is a value-creation machine. Who doesn’t want value?
The engine behind this value creation is RockSolid™.
Leveraging the revolutionary power of eNFTs, RockSolid allows businesses large and small to seamlessly integrate web3 technologies without leaving their existing systems and workflows.
By combining the best of today’s technology with the power of web3, RockSolid conquers challenges that were previously insurmountable.
RockSolid Solutions

While today’s NFT use revolves primarily around digital collectibles, eNFTs from RockSolid power enterprise-grade solutions in areas spanning consumer marketing, finance and personal data.

UnbundleX reimagines public security ownership, tracking and trading.
Imagine granular control over your stock trades and ownership.
Imagine owning the attributes of a company you want but not the ones you don’t.
Imagine dialing in your desired tax consequences.
Imagine no more, with UnbundleX™, a joint venture with UnbundleX LLC.  Brought to you by the power RockSolid and eNFTs.
NFT-O-Matic is the simple, fun and free way to create, share & enjoy your own NFTs.
Just snap a picture, click a few buttons and view your shiny new NFT in your NFT-O-Matic wallet.  It’s that easy!
And each NFT you create isn’t just living on our servers – it is permanently enshrined on the CELO blockchain.  All for free!
NFT-O-Matic is also a rolling testbed for our efforts to demystify, simplify and streamline the world of web3 for everyday users.
CPGconnect delivers couponing and loyalty, reimagined with the power of eNFTs.
Transforming coupons, offers & promotions into eNFTs unlocks endless possibilities and value for all participants – marketers, retailers, agencies and consumers alike.
Welcome to customer engagement, RockSolid-style.
Drive brand preference, expand cart size and increase visit frequency, all seamlessly integrated into your existing systems.
1stPERSON delivers Consumer-Initiated Marketing™, and with it untold value for the entire consumer marketing ecosystem.
1stPERSON is where consumers & marketers build direct, consent-based, win-win relationships. Consumers are in charge, and marketers couldn’t be happier.
For Consumers: the first consumer-initiated, consent-based, privacy-focused marketing platform tailored to THEIR needs.
For Marketers: a vastly more comprehensive and truly permissioned targeting & interaction system that drives enhanced consumer engagement and superior ROIs.
All without leaving the business management systems you know & love, thanks to RockSolid and eNFTs.
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